The perfect PCs

Prices are only inclusive of parts and labour. Mice, keyboards and monitors can be purchased seperately. Please contact us for a quote.

These are just our baseline PC's. You can chop and change parts anywhere you like (providing they're compatible), or even ask us to build an entirely custom rig for you! All computers carry a 12 month warranty on parts and labour.

We make sure to employ proper cable management tactics when building computers to ensure maximuim airflow within the computer case. Before we give the end user their PC we stress test it under all conditions to ensure the parts are in working order.

Want something more personal?

If you feel that none of these systems meet your needs, please let us know. Based on the requirements you give us, we can build a system to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you want a file server, home theater PC, or something else, we'll be glad to put something together for you.

Just give us a call!

Budget PC

The perfect PC for browsing the web, online banking, and everyday computing. This machine is big on features and low on price.

$645.00 - All built and ready to go.

Middle End Gaming

This gaming machine will play most games on Medium - High settings. It's a big powerhouse for a small price.

$1,260.00 - All built and ready to go.

High End Gaming

This PC will play all titles on High settings, and some of them in 3D. This machine is excellent value for money.

$1,785.00 - All built and ready to go

Ultra High End Gaming

This machine is a beast, sporting an Intel Solid State Drive and a GTX 780 Ti graphics card, you won't belive the performance you'll get out of this computer. Enjoy full HD gaming for years to come, and to top it off, you'll be able to game in 3D! Overclock with ease with the ASUS Rampave IV Formula motherboard and a Corsair H110 to keep the CPU cool under pressure

$3,730.00 - All built and ready to go

Ub3r Overk1ll

This machine is simply for bragging rights. As the name suggests, it is a complete and total overkill. Show it off to your friends, and your enemies.

$7,730.00 - All built and ready to go