The perfect partners to the perfect PC's

Now that you've bought the PC, you might need a screen, keyboard and mouse to go with it.

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Budget Accessories

The perfect PC for browsing the web, doing banking, and everyday computing. This machine will run at speed, is big on features and low on price.


Middle End Accessories

This gaming machine will play most, games on High settings. You won't get full HD 3D Gaming out of it, but it is a big powerhouse for a small price.


High End Accessories

This machine is the best bang for your buck, sporting an Intel Solid State Drive and a GTX 580 graphics card, you won't belive the performance you'll get out of this machine. Enjoy full HD gaming for years to come.


Ultra High End Accessories

This machine is simply for bragging rights. As the name suggests, it is complete and total overkill. Show it off to your friends, and your enemies.


Ub3r Overk1ll Accessory Pack